Alkon has all of the components needed to design a high quality tire inflation system. Tire inflation systems are important in the transportation industry. These systems keep fleet tires properly inflated, which reduces rolling resistance and improves both fuel economy and tire life. With a tire inflation system, your drivers will experience fewer roadside breakdowns, saving you money and time due to delays. We are committed to providing the best components required to design a high quality system, including pressure protection valves, control boxes, regulators, fittings and tubing.

Our vertically integrated, North American manufacturing model means that you will have the support of Alkon’s in-house engineers throughout the manufacturing process and will never be waiting for product stuck on the ocean. If our off-the-shelf product doesn’t get it done for you, give our custom products engineering team a call.

Pressure Protection

Pressure protection valves from Alkon have the same quality and reliability as all Alkon valves. Accuracy is critical for a pressure protection valve to work with a tire inflation system and our valve has been engineered to provide this for the life of the system. These come in a preset version with open/close pressures of 75/70 PSI or one that can be adjusted to the application; both on the shelf!

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