Alkon has all the quality pneumatic components to meet your needs for the transportation industry. We offer a wide array of high-quality fittings, valves, cylinders, tubing and, integrated controls. We take pride in designing products that meet the specific demands of the DOT market and manufacturing those products to the highest level of quality. Our vertically integrated North American manufacturing footprint allows us to maintain strict control of our quality while offering quick delivery that our off-shore competitors can’t compete with. We focus on the challenges your company faces as a partner, not merely a supplier, and can create reliable custom engineered solutions for any product needs that may fall outside of our standard offerings. We listen to and understand your concerns and leverage our expertise in the transportation and DOT industries to deliver reliable solutions. While lower cost options may be available, the risk of failure and poor deliveries can create additional costs in time, money, and reputation, making Alkon the long-term lower cost solution. We understand that investing in the right combination of high-quality parts will improve your competitive position in the marketplace.


FittingsAlkon’s high-quality Push to Connect fittings will save you time on assembly and provide greater up-time for your equipment, leading to greater profits and brand reputation. We have a comprehensive variety of fittings, including DOT brass fittings, Extreme fittings, metric fittings and composite fittings ensuring you have the right fit for any product or system. Protect your brand reputation and pocketbook by using Alkon’s premium DOT Push to Connect fittings.

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