Alkon Corporation has over 70 years of experience in the mobile and industrial pneumatic and hydraulic industries. Throughout those years we have carefully acquired additional brands that aligned with our core beliefs and complimented and extended our core product offerings. These brands remain today and include Star Hydraulics, Allenair and AIRman Products. We believe maintaining a strong manufacturing presence in North America helps keep a steady flow of products to our customers without the potential supply chain interruptions of overseas products.

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Alkon was our flagship company and brand. We maintain our strong presence in the mobile and industrial pneumatic markets with our fittings and valves.


Allenair was acquired to help bolster our industrial product offering through a strong tradition of quality and premium products, including pneumatic cylinders and valves.


Acquiring Star Hydraulics allowed us to expand our product offerings into the world of hydraulics. This includes product such as pump, lift jacks and hydraulic cylinders.


AIRman Products was the most recently acquired company and helped us expand our valve offering to the mobile pneumatic market.