At Alkon, we specialize in providing top-quality components tailored to meet your unique product requirements. With a wide range of fittings, valves, and cylinders, our products are engineered to survive the harsh DOT environment and manufactured with a strong emphasis on reliability.

Custom Manufacturing Solutions: Partnering for Success

As your partner, we understand the challenges your company faces. Our team is dedicated to creating robust custom engineered solutions that address your specific needs. By listening carefully and fully comprehending your concerns, we leverage our expertise to deliver high-quality solutions precisely where you need them most.  Our vertically integrated North American production base will ensure that you are not waiting for parts stuck on a container somewhere on the ocean.

Investing in Quality: A Competitive Edge

While there may be lower-cost options available in the market, the long-term risks of failure can result in additional costs, both in terms of time and money, and can even impact your company’s reputation. We recognize that investing in the right combination of high-quality parts and manufacturing processes will significantly improve your competitive position in the marketplace.

Solid Solutions for the DOT Industry

Countless industries rely on Alkon’s extensive lineup of off-the-shelf products to provide their customers with reliable and well-built solutions. We understand every application may not be suitable for an off-the-shelf product and require something a little different. Rely on Alkon to engineer a reliable product that hits the “Goldilocks” zone, the perfect solution that gives you exactly what you need and nothing more. We protect your reputation by setting our standards exceptionally high, ensuring the parts we engineer and manufacture for your custom solution make a positive impact on your bottom line.