Alkon was originally incorporated in 1953 as a pneumatic cylinder company in Hawthorne, NJ and later in Wayne, NJ. The company started manufacturing an air-power / hydraulic-controlled drill unit and later released a cylinder product line. The company name was derived from abbreviating the founder’s name, Al Konviser.

Alkon introduced a pneumatic valve line in 1964, which was the A Series valve with a lapped spool design for industrial applications. This innovation was followed by the release of a flow control, needle and check valve line known as the J Series valves. These products were patented under US patents US3421547A and US3441249A.

In the late 70’s, the sprite series and P series valves were developed for the industrial market. The company also transitioned from being owned by Imperial Eastman to private, family and employee ownership. It was at this time the Winter family became involved, who remains the majority shareholders today.

Alkon developed and released the first all brass AQ push-to-connect fittings for the industrial market in 1981, which redirected the company to its current course as a fitting design and manufacturing powerhouse. This led to the development of the first all brass fitting for the DOT industry in 1990.

Alkon divested from the original cylinder business in 1985 through a sale to Pillar Motion Controls.