Alkon provides high quality cylinders that have been designed for the long haul. A high level of quality control and reliability is achieved through our vertically integrated, North American manufacturing footprint. This means that you are not left waiting for deliveries suck on the ocean, leading to more uptime and improving your brand reputation. Alkon’s knowledgeable team of industry experts will make sure you get the right cylinder for your system. Every cylinder is built to be tough, dependable, and will stand up to road and field contaminants. Our cylinders are made from rugged steel rods with corrosion-resistant plating and are built to last. Alkon cylinders provide maintenance-free, service-free, and worry-free solutions.

Our customer service team can help you determine exactly what you need for your project and our engineers can create a custom engineered solution for any application necessary to suit your needs.

Tailgate Lock Cylinders

Our  6” bore Tail-A-Gater cylinders are single acting, spring return design for tailgate latching.  The cylinder uses a minimalist design for maximum reliability and the heavy duty spring will keep the tailgate securely locked. In addition to this, we also have 2”, 2-½” and 3-½” tailgate lock cylinders .

Tailgate Lift Cylinders

Alkon’s high-lift tailgate lift cylinders have been designed to be durable, reliable and able to withstand any on/off road conditions.  These 4” and 5” bore cylinders are ideal for use in dump truck applications and more.

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