System Solutions overviewAlkon provides quality pneumatic components and systems to meet your transportation industry needs. We have worked tirelessly to engineer and manufacture products that will last the life of your mobile equipment. This means more time on the road and less time in the garage. Our North American vertical integration model means Alkon can be nimble throughout the design and production process for all system solutions. No more waiting for products suck in a container at sea. Our product lines cover your needs for the following applications:

  • Air Distribution Systems
  • Axle Control Systems
  • Air Suspension Systems
  • Tire Inflation System
  • Tailgate Systems / Belly Dump Systems 
  • Custom Solution

Our engineering team can create a custom pneumatic design if we don’t have something off the shelf to meet your needs. We work with you as a partner, focusing on the challenges your company faces to create reliable custom and off-the-shelf solutions for a multitude of fleet applications. Maintain your hard-earned reputation by using Akon products to keep your and your customer’s equipment on the road longer.

Air Distribution Systems

You’ll find Alkon components throughout the air distribution systems on tractors, trailers and other mobile equipment. If you don’t, the reliability of your equipment is at risk, along with your reputation. Our fittings, tubing, and manifolds are optimized for reliable operation and easy maintenance. Cut labor costs through ease of installation and increased first pass system leakage testing. A custom engineered solution can be designed to meet any of your air distribution needs.

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Axle Control Systems

Alkon has the quality components to make your axle control system second to none. Whether it is a valve to control a lift-axle or slider axle, our products have you covered. They are designed to last the life of your equipment, keeping you on the road longer. Check out our control boxes and panels for an all-in-one package.

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