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Mobile and Industrial Valves and Fittings

Don’t Let Leaky Fittings Bring Your Fleet To A Screeching Halt!

Fittings that leak or do not properly retain tubing can cause many significant problems for your fleet.

  • Excess compressor use
  • Suspension issues
  • Improper air control function
  • and even full release of tubing

These can lead to DOT fines and even worse, idle assets that cause you to miss deliveries creating customer disappointment and loss of revenue.

Protect your income stream and your hard-earned reputation by using a better fitting!

Find Your Fitting

Choose Alkon’s DOT Fittings

Alkon helps you stay ready for the many miles of road ahead.


Alkon’s DOT fittings are designed to provide maximum tube retention, while still allowing for proper release during maintenance procedures. Alkon’s fittings grip the tube well beyond the DOT specification. Our gripping teeth are deeper than our competition yet still allow for an easy release.


Alkon has the right amount of squeeze between the seal and the tubing surface allowing for a dependable leak-free fitting. Alkon also has a deeper insertion depth beyond the seal allowing for a greater miss-cut angle on the tube.


Alkon’s floating tube support is longer than the competition supporting the tube all the way through the fitting. Our floating tube support is self-centering allowing for a much greater side load preventing any leakage and allowing for greater bend radii when routing tubing.

Positive Seal

Tube support area beyond O-ring exceeds that of all competitive products, compensates for bias cut tubing, and dramatically reduces troubleshooting time.

Keeping Your Trucks & Trailers On The Road

An Alkon DOT Fitting is a superior fitting that is virtually leak-free. Our fittings are easy to install allowing for quicker assembly.

Using an Alkon DOT fitting reduces downtime for maintenance keeping you on the road and on schedule.

Connect with Our DOT Team

Custom Engineering & Designs

Need a custom solution? Alkon’s products are backed by our strong engineering department. Our design engineers can spec, design, and test custom parts for our DOT and transport customers. We can also provide assembly kits compromised of full systems to help reduce downtime for your assembly and maintenance teams.

Secure North American Supply Chain and Customer Support

Fleet sitting idle due to supply chain issues? 

Not with Alkon.

We’re proud of our secure North American supply chain and vertical integration.  This means we deliver on time so you can deliver on time.  

Call Alkon when the other suppliers don’t have the time or solution you need.  

You can depend on our friendly and knowledgeable Ohio-based customer service team will find the best fitting solution for your fleet to keep them on the road.

Contact Alkon today to learn more about our DOT Fittings and how to get your fleet back on the road.

Superior Quality Backed By Rigorous Testing

Don’t settle for poor quality fittings or foreign fittings that have not gone through rigorous DOT testing.

We design, manufacture, and test our products to make sure we exceed the DOT requirements.

We are confident Alkon products will go the distance.


Find the Fitting Solution You Need For Your Trucks & Trailers

Call us at (419) 333-7000 or fill out the form to contact Alkon’s team. Our reps can recommend the correct part or put you in touch with our engineering team to create a custom DOT fitting solution.

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