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Switch to Alkon and experience Trusted Performance; On-Time Delivery of Fittings and Valves

What We’re Hearing

“I called to get ¼” union tees and was told they won’t have stock for 4 months! The lead times are just too long.”

“The quality of the fittings and valves we’ve received was not up to par. We’ve experienced multiple failures and we’re worried about how this will affect our reputation.”

“Finding reliable alternatives to our current supplier has been a priority due to inconsistent delivery schedules.”

Switch to Alkon for in-stock, ready to ship, high quality pneumatic solutions.

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Our customers believe in the value of North American manufacturing.

High quality valves and fittings, built in your backyard.

Ready to Ship

Industry leading pneumatics, in stock and ready to ship.

Order today for product from our U.S facilities.

"Alkon answers our requests promptly and makes it a point to follow up with us regarding provided solutions."

Are you sure the fittings and valves you are using were built for the extreme conditions your application requires? Alkon has designed, tested, and manufactured valves and fittings for their specific applications.

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For Mobile Use

Designed for:

  • Extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
  • Dirty environments
  • Low duty cycles
  • The lifetime of your tractor or trailer

Mobile Valves and Fittings from Alkon – Exceptional Performance in Harsh Conditions; DOT tested and customer approved


For Industrial Use

Designed for:

  • Leak-free performance
  • Exceptionally quick response times
  • Industry leading flexibility
  • Millions of cycles of problem free operation

Industrial Valves and Fittings from Alkon – Designed to Protect Your Reputation; for use when failure is not an option

The Lightning Lift Axle-Valve – designed for commercial trailers, providing precise ride bag pressures and lightning quick axle movement; reducing tire damage and saving you money.

Choose Alkon’s Lightning Lift-Axle Valve for:

  • The ability to lift and lower an axle in seconds with unmatched accuracy.
  • A valve 100% machined from high quality aluminum billet and manufactured in the USA.
  • Leak-free performance and quick, reliable operation.
  • Simple installation with centralized connection points.
  • On the shelf and ready to ship

Alkon’s Lightning Lift Axle Valve is a direct replacement for our competitor’s 5040 valve series, so switch today for a competitive edge!

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Find the Solution You Need For Your Equipment

Whether it’s DOT Fittings and Valves or Industrial Fittings and Valves, switch to Alkon today and experience reliability, superior performance, and prompt delivery. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your needs.

Fill out the form below or give us a call and experience the Alkon Advantage.

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